Sunday, June 16, 2013

Welcome Back Nana

It's a family tradition in our house to make a 'Welcome Back Nana' cake. This year it's lemon and yoghurt. Normally daughter B helps, or makes the whole cake, this year she's off sugar and swatting hard for a law exam.

We have set up the bed in the front room for Mum/Nana, which includes moving two tables, one rug and one overflowing dress-up bin. There is a sofa bed in there that has come in very handy for Mum's visits, as well as for cousins and various others. 
I miss baking with daughter B. After twenty years of baking on my own it was fun to have a bake pal. She learnt fast and brought her own ideas and energy to the table. 

We did bake her sugar-free cake together a couple of weeks back, but it's a much rarer affair since she went sugar-free. Good on her, of course.

I will ice the cake and write 'Welcome Back Nana' on it. One year we wrote the message in pumpkin seeds. Another, chocolate chips. Another, coconut on chocolate icing, another another year slithered almonds. Once in Maori. Like all traditions it continues of its own accord. One is compelled by the rule to repeat the exercise and at the same time appreciate some kind of guideline where otherwise you'd have to figure some new welcome each visit. Nana comes to stay once a year, though not last year for some reason that I can't quite remember. So this visit is a little more special than usual.

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