Saturday, June 8, 2013

A lot of living

I'm thinking a lot of our trip to the U.S. lately. Feeling like it was a lot of living...

Vegas lady in 'Venice'
Daughter B and I are discussing that here, back in NZ, we don't see the full spectrum of humanity in the way that we saw it in the States. Nowhere does the full spectrum of humanity thrive as it does in the U.S, and the difference is all in the reach of the extremes. You feel as if you're being stretched into the future, like you've got a toe in the door.
Hanging out on the corner: New Orleans
Change comes from difference. The US is all about difference. I haven't been to many mono-cultural places, namely much of the rest of the world, give or take, but I feel that this sense of stepping into the future cannot be the same there, or anything like it, that it is in the U.S on account of all the difference Every town we go to in the U.S. is distinct:
Sepulchral San Fran
New Orleans is a different country from Texas. LA is chalk to NY's cheese (or the other way round). Vegas  is a law and culture unto itself. San Fran is alive with artistic energy. Chicago is different again: the canals, the  cold, the history. Boston too.

Mecca: New York City Library and street

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