Saturday, June 8, 2013


I have just received these two books in a dirty yellow padded envelope from the US. The front one is the memoir to the best-selling book Oranges aren't the only fruit.  I read that in Australia. I remember, only because I took three books to Australia that year, all three started with O either in title or author. Oliphant, the early female English writer, Oranges, the book about growing up lesbian, and  Orwell (Coming up for Air). 

Oranges author's more recent publication is the fact behind the tale of that growing up. I am looking forward tor reading it. The other book that arrived yesterday in a thick, dirty-yellow envelope is a NYTimes best-seller, from another female author. I'm still reading Frank McCourt, and Kafka, more casually, so female authors will be a nice gear change. Except I'm not really reading much at the moment; too busy writing... 

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