Monday, March 31, 2014

Listening to my Ear

A ringing in the ear
is all I ever hear;
with one and only pitch
it's the unitchable itch

A stone in the shoe
can simply be removed;
a pea in the mattress
is a First World problem too

But a ringing in the ear
determined not to clear;                                            
keeps a constant tone
like an aching in the bone

If it's hearing loss
as they say it likely is,
how ironic I hear it,
which is more than I ever did.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Life is Prickly

These cacti are the only plants to survive my flower boxes, and some of these haven't survived - which I'm afraid speaks to my shameful neglect. I honour their resilience and 'tough love' approach to survival, which is certainly one way to go, and the only way to go if you're short on soft love and attention. Being prickly and taking no shit. 

I love the juxtaposition of Life and Death, how Death is soft, faded and monotone, and Life is prickly, vibrant and varied; colourful and strong. And how it seems as if the living are taking care of the dead, giving them room to 'live' on, in a sense. Death is a part of Life.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You should have seen the sea today

Terraced waves stood tall and proud,
balconies upon sturdy stalls

Fall loud on broad-shouldered men -
a good place for them      

Leaner models, thin boards tucked under long arms,
keen-eyed for a free ride

Frilled hem of the sea's skirt
flings itself proprietorially at my feet

Madam! says she, the salty sea:
pick up your toes or I'll pick up thee!

Coffee cream whipped tips flip in the wild wind
sing: You should have seen the sea today

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Brewing like beer
Trees anxious like people
Making a fuss

Storm for us

Son plays piano - Saturday!
Cat walks in
White and grey

Leaves dance
Branches flap

Windows rattle

Air green grey
Lives, dies

Wind soars

Leaves dance
Branches flap

Cat snores

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Old World

It's not every day that your local supermarket closes up shop...

... and is no more. It's enough to send a girl to blogging. Our local supermarket closed on Sunday. I bought a BBQ chicken to commemorate the end of a store I have shopped at for more than twenty years. Now I must shop in Devonport. Nicer shop but more than twice the distance to get there. I prefer my old trade off. Though we used to call the old store 'Third World'. It was a New World store, so called.

Good luck to all involved in the change-over. Looking forward to the real New World on the corner,


Monday, March 10, 2014

Dick Flicks

You've heard of "Chick flicks", so why not "Dick Flicks"? Please watch this video, it's better than you might think...
Apologies to anyone who might be offended by this. Personally, I love it.      ("Vaginas, asses and dicks")

I  came upon it (no pun int) whilst searching for an image for my new blog on 'dick flicks'. You can see how that happened. Also the parsnip.

Dick flicks, in my book, are films with male stars and masculine themes, male supporting cast except for one pretty female and action that revolves around violence, killing, sex, drugs, power play, outer space, the distant future and Armageddon are some standard 'Dick flick' themes. The male 'hero' is prevalent throughout. And they are the majority of the films made still. Every single one of them systematically fails the Behnel test for sexism in film. Here is the link (I think)   (sexism test)

Most films are 'Dick flicks' and most of these fail the Behnel test. Most of us seem to distinguish films with female leads and themes as 'different', but all the other films, the majority of films with male leads and masculine themes, aren't called anything but 'flick'. The female theme distinguishes the norm as masculine. This is wrong. The norm must be non-gendered or double gendered, not male. If anything it makes more sense that the largely sensible female make the rules and the male serve and support her. He can still give her advice, as anyone can, but she must not 'obey' you. This rearranges the natural order and causes war and eventual destruction. it is not natural for men to tell women what to do with their own bodies, for example. This is women's business. Nor should he tell her what to wear let alone restrict what she wears. Also entirely her business. Women are beautiful. They should have the right and the freedom to bare their own bodies within a few laws that they agree to to preserve decency, male and female.
It is in everyone's interest to protect and preserve the female. As well the male, which is why I'm writing this, but mostly to preserve and protect the female. There are not nearly as many eggs as there are sperm on the earth at any one time, which seems to suggest the importance of the female and the key role of the male to support and protect her. That men allow, even condone endemic and systematic male violence against women shows that males do not know how to act in their own interests and must be restrained and re-trained.

Note: In honour of the recent International Women's Day

Friday, March 7, 2014


Change is the trip we live year to year,
change is hope; change is fear.

Change is the constant, you can depend on change, except when it shifts the rules of the game.

Change you can wish for, if you dare,change is the wind, the speed of the air.

Change is too sudden, too slow to care,change is my father no longer there.

Change is the skin on the back of my hand, change is the sign: 'Smoking is banned'.

Change is everything we love to hate,except for you - you don't change - which is great!