Monday, March 10, 2014

Dick Flicks

You've heard of "Chick flicks", so why not "Dick Flicks"? Please watch this video, it's better than you might think...
Apologies to anyone who might be offended by this. Personally, I love it.      ("Vaginas, asses and dicks")

I  came upon it (no pun int) whilst searching for an image for my new blog on 'dick flicks'. You can see how that happened. Also the parsnip.

Dick flicks, in my book, are films with male stars and masculine themes, male supporting cast except for one pretty female and action that revolves around violence, killing, sex, drugs, power play, outer space, the distant future and Armageddon are some standard 'Dick flick' themes. The male 'hero' is prevalent throughout. And they are the majority of the films made still. Every single one of them systematically fails the Behnel test for sexism in film. Here is the link (I think)   (sexism test)

Most films are 'Dick flicks' and most of these fail the Behnel test. Most of us seem to distinguish films with female leads and themes as 'different', but all the other films, the majority of films with male leads and masculine themes, aren't called anything but 'flick'. The female theme distinguishes the norm as masculine. This is wrong. The norm must be non-gendered or double gendered, not male. If anything it makes more sense that the largely sensible female make the rules and the male serve and support her. He can still give her advice, as anyone can, but she must not 'obey' you. This rearranges the natural order and causes war and eventual destruction. it is not natural for men to tell women what to do with their own bodies, for example. This is women's business. Nor should he tell her what to wear let alone restrict what she wears. Also entirely her business. Women are beautiful. They should have the right and the freedom to bare their own bodies within a few laws that they agree to to preserve decency, male and female.
It is in everyone's interest to protect and preserve the female. As well the male, which is why I'm writing this, but mostly to preserve and protect the female. There are not nearly as many eggs as there are sperm on the earth at any one time, which seems to suggest the importance of the female and the key role of the male to support and protect her. That men allow, even condone endemic and systematic male violence against women shows that males do not know how to act in their own interests and must be restrained and re-trained.

Note: In honour of the recent International Women's Day

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