Sunday, June 9, 2013

Housekeeping XII: Toilets (in soft focus)

Unfortunately, the privilege of having three bathrooms is the price of having three toilets to clean. Because we all sleep and shower upstairs we need two toilets up there. For entertaining, and because it is the original toilet, we need one downstairs. So that makes three toilets in total...
Toilet in soft focus: almost sexual

I could not show you the Before toilet. I was too ashamed. So this is the mid-clean toilet, not absolutely pristine. It is so close up it appears in soft focus, I like the effect. All toilets should be in soft focus.

I do most of the toilet cleaning in this house. This toilet is our ensuite toilet and it is my least favourite toilet to clean, and to use. It is our oldest toilet and least well designed. I never clean it on time.  The kids' toilet is the newest and best designed. I am more likely to clean that on time. The other toilet is somewhere in between. 

Nobody likes cleaning toilets. Nobody feels naturally predisposed to clean toilets - I am sure. But if you're a woman, and you don't clean toilets, you are probably the Queen, or a princess at least. As for the men, gay guys probably hire women to clean their toilets (for all I know). I am sure many many men clean toilets, it's just not the majority, as it is with women. Nowhere near it, I would say. 

Why? I do not know. I am not persuaded there is a natural cleaning competency in women that is not present in men. Everybody should have their own toilet to clean in life, end of story. Except for children, which will involve women more than men, probably, but men much more than currently, especially with most women and mothers working at least part-time.

Clean the toilets, guys! 

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