Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Housekeeping VII: Folding and sorting clean washing

Clean clothing:
My red and black tops,  B's blue top, underwear, socks
 and blue and green top, C1s T-shirt and Ms socks
Five piles, roughly (the couch crack looks like a bum crack,
or is that just me?)
Sorting clothing for five people is a bi-weekly duty at least. One could wash and sort every day. I do the bulkof it, M does maybe 10%.  It's not exactly hard work, sorting and folding washing, and I don't do it as regularly as I should. Often the kids are grabbing their socks and undies off the couch. But mostly the washing is sorted and folded into casually neat piles to be couriered upstairs by the owner, or occasionally by Mum. I usually take our folded washing upstairs, though not always. M helps here sometimes.  Alison Moyet helps always... (I can't seem to left-align this)

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