Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How are you today?

Hello bloggers! That's rather wishful of me but there it is: I'm feeling wishful. So wishful, in fact, that I just added 'bloggers' to my dictionary.

How are you today? ... (respectful three-second pause to assume lengthy and heartfelt answers), I am fine on this Wednesday morning in June 2013.

You'll no doubt be glad to hear I've had a more sensible breakfast of muesli and fresh apple this morning - thank you for asking - and now I am powering through my coffee plunger, as usual. How about you...?

I have readied the rolls for the boys but neither has appeared. The younger one has sleep in on Wednesday mornings and the other, it being June, looks like he's got no lectures. Our girl, B, always goes in regardless, even on the weekends sometimes. Not so the boys.

I was dreaming about studying French when the cat woke me this morning. I very much did not want to leave the snug bed but it is the only way to stop her meowing like someone's stood on her tail. Besides, she'll wake the boys.

Just realised that I've made three scrumptious ham salad buns for no use. The boys will eat them but C2 is sick, I can hear him coughing, and C1 seems not to have lectures. As for the carefully replenished Weet-bix, who knows, they might eat some for afternoon tea...

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