Monday, June 3, 2013


What does this image say to you, or rather, images? I have melded these two together and never the twin shall part. But can you intuit the country? How about the culture? Techies might discern the type of photo (of a photo).

From this picture of certain plants growing in a certain way around a certain type of window, what can we tell?

Much. We can tell a certain level of freedom. We can tell the:

Freedom to indulge
Freedom to select
Freedom to plant
Freedom to imagine growth
Freedom to own
Freedom to view
Freedom to wait

Many freedoms are implied in this one, relatively limited, albeit divine image. The facts are that the photo was taken in Brittany, France, in a port town called Saint-Malo. The image was captured by a male artist in 2012.

Brittany was first inhabited some 35,000 years ago. One of the oldest hearths ever found was found there. Time weighs heavier in Brittany than in some other, Time-light place, like NZ.

I think this is mostly about Time.



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