Monday, June 17, 2013

Obama Update

Okay, so a moment of political-personal truth...

I have been a shameless Obamarite since he showed up like ablack comet in the sky portending good news... I have praised his 'beta' guy qualities here on this blog and gone along with the suggestion that he is a paid-up feMENist. As well on this blog I have brow-beaten and blackmailed my cynic anti-Obamarite son to read an RS article in praise of the man on account of how persuaded of his strengths I was. Now...

Well, now, I have a changed view of the guy, to put it simply. I was blind and now I see, to a degree. Based on a source I consider reliable I have learned that the black guy in the white house has not pulled out of wars and warring to the degree that I thought he had; is caught up in and has maybe fuelled the paranoia of the American people about the enemy without, and he's not a true lefty with a passion for social justice. These realities reduce my respect for the guy somewhat.

However he remains a 'good guy' to me in the sense that I believe he would be good and only good if not in the White House. If not with one hand tied by and to vested interests in big business who fund his campaign. If not for the fact that you couldn't get elected without these funds. If not, I guess, for 9/11. For now I am maintaining the view that Obama is, at the very least, the lesser of two evils.


  1. Tricky job being the US prez – who knows what he’s up against. But I know that Obama started out with a good heart – upon graduating from Harvard (where he was editor of the Harvard Law Review), he practiced civil rights law and worked as a community organizer in a poor Chicago neighbourhood

  2. Yeah, he's basically good. It's just that corrupting power thing you wonder about a bit, and maybe he's not as strong as he needs to be to lead.But bloody hard job is an understatement.