Monday, June 10, 2013


Before I go off on yet another woe-is-me rant about the housekeeping load (cooking is coming!), I need to put in several tasty brownie points for my beta half's wonderful winter fire-making efforts, which is a kind of  housekeeping of a sort. Indeed fire-making and stoking would have been the first domestic - house-keep - chore...

It's winter already, and although only a few weeks in we've had maybe ten fires. Each time involves clearing the previous night's grate, arranging (finding) newspaper in balls in the grill, placing kindling criss-crossed over it, a splash of meth, then a match to ignite, then the proper wood once the flame takes hold, then regular stoking throughout the night.

In the heart of winter we have a fire more than not, though we use the heaters too. Over the course of the winter that's around about seventy or eighty fires. That's a fair amount of work after a long day in the office. Cavemen didn't have to cope with  such contrasts. We know what difficulty men have with multi-tasking. A man who can deftly wield a pen and an axe in one day is some kind of man.

So big it up for my some kind of man. Thanks for lighting my fire...

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