Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Housekeeping X: Shopping

Food shopping. 

In our house food shopping is a daily affair. Three to five bags every day to feed five people. Feed mostly, also keep hygienic and clean. $500 per week the last time I calculated a budget for our supermarket bill. One hundred each. Not bad.

Some of it gets thrown out. Probably one of those Italian-bread buns will go stale before it is eaten. 
A good shopper minimises the amount of waste by anticipating the appetites of those she shops for. A good shopper is a good feeder... 

M does about forty percent of the shopping. It used to be more like twenty percent so I'm grateful for the increase. Shopping is tedious because you have done it SO regularly. Even if you only supermarket shop once a week by the time you get to my age (47) you have shopped a lot. But most people shop more than once a week, at least those who live around my way. We, like I said, shop practically every day.

Today it's toilet paper, bread buns, throat lozenges for C2's cold, daily milk, hair accessories for daughter's birthday present, cheese, sweet biscuits and crackers. The shop for the dinner (mince) I bought yesterday thinking all day long it was Wednesday when it was Tuesday (fish night). Yesterday I spent over $100 in the supermarket buying up specials on meat. Today's shop was thirty-something.

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