Wednesday, June 12, 2013

House maintenance

The curtains are ripping, mimicking the balcony door and power pylon beyond. Every time I open or close them I am in danger of tearing a deeper rip and having to buy new. They're only calico but they are custom-made for the balcony doors. It will be a pain to have to have to have new curtains made.

My dream house, someone else's house
(though I do love my own house.
Not really my dream house: too white)

House-keeping is one thing but house maintenance is quite another. This ripped curtain in the Master bedroom comes under 'house maintenance'. It will be my job to fix them or order new ones. M's main maintenance job is painting. He painted these white doors and most of the walls that you see in all the blog pictures. I painted about 10% of the walls and doors. He is the painter in chief.

But other maintenance chores arise. I will make a list in order of priority using this rip as the standard. From most urgent to least:

Repair or replace calico curtains
Order a new curtain railing in the spare room for Nana's privacy
Buy cover for lounge suite to hide cat claw marks
Buy new curtain for Nana's wardrobe door
Get picture of blue truffle mounted and framed for above the pantry 
Get piano tuned
Buy dining table and chairs for eight

There are others, but lists get boring fast. 


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