Friday, June 14, 2013

The Block

The house that was expected to be moved by the house-moving truck in our neighbourhood was in fact moved further forward on its land and three new (old style) houses trucked in. Just when we thought we were in danger of a high rise we find we are in the middle of a reality TV show:  

The idea of the show is that good-looking couples compete to do-up their crap shack best. Those who do the best job get to keep the done-up house, at least I think that's how it works. 

That's all very well for them, but meanwhile the residents have to put up with at least twice as much truck traffic as usual and some noise. I'm just lucky I'm not close enough to hear the diggers all day. I hope the immediate neighbours went away. 

All in a good cause (not), except done-up villas are always so much nicer than done-up houses. I expect at least one of the do-ups will remain on the land, so that should be nice.

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