Thursday, June 6, 2013

Housekeeping XI: Washing

Washing secondary stuff while the weather's fine

Washing is a big job. Perhaps even the biggest of the jobs that fall under the 'housekeeping' range. Yesterday's wash was this cover that lies in our front room for people and pets to lounge on at will. I washed it this week for the first time in a year maybe. Some things aren't washed all that often. School uniforms are weekly, and M's shirts, and all underwear and primary towels. Jeans can go two to three weeks without washing, so can shirts and cotton tops and secondary (kitchen, hand-towels), though the kitchen hand towel should be replaced regularly.

Today's washing is modest and blue-themed (again). I must have a thing for blue. Our Mr and Ms towels are bright blue (pictured) and some of the kitchen towels are blue and brown themed. This is an easy washing day.

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