Thursday, June 20, 2013

Housekeeping IX (again): Replenishing

This is my second post on what I have called 'replenishing'. Re-filling expired consumables, dealing with packaging, etc, here is the previous post on this most scintillating of subjects:  Housekeeping VIII: Replenishing

My second replenishing post is mostly images: the fruit tray clearly needs replenishing and washing. De-staining, you might say. Fruit rots, just like everything else. If I don't do it, it probably won't get done, though M is a fabulous help.

The famous 'capsibum' was eaten last night in this:  

Put to good use, you might say (not if you happen to be vegetarian).

More replenishing and make-do failed replenishing 

Remember to retrieve the scooper before you pour the replacement powder in, if you buy washing powder in bulk like we do.  I don't need the playing kids reminding me of the purpose of washing, like I need reminding.

Remember to retrieve the scooper before replenishing powder,
otherwise it's like a scene from Witness. 

Best I could do today

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