Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Mansfield

Forever young Mansfield

I have just finished my story for the Mansfield (BNZ creative writing prize). If you opened the file up now ('Bethnal Park') you would see 3,000 words exactly. At the moment my story is exactly the word limit. I edited it down from 250 over, but didn't fuss over the last forty. Still, exactly 3,000. I won't submit it like that. There are bound to be more edits.

I have two more stories I want to submit, or at least prepare for submission. I must check if you are allowed more than one. Usually you are if there's a fee, the Mansfield has no fee. Yes, I think that is right.

I am submitting so much of late I might achieve some kind of saturation. The Mansfield story is not in the least poetic and I have blogged and submitted more poetry in the last two months than I have ever written in my life. Way more. But this is not one of those poems. This is a story. Indeed in this story I feel  the subject let's the story down a little - and with poetry, subject is king and queen. But I like it nonetheless, which must be the acid test; as well as if you like it, of course.


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