Saturday, June 8, 2013

The washing II

Washing black and blue themed
So you know this is a blog about housekeeping. Here is today's wash, an assortment of the week's wearing for five people. There is Ms shirt, daughter B's two blue tops, my black dance-class top and M's black T-shirt. Sons' and daughter's socks and underwear (probably shouldn't show those).

I remember reading Virginia Woolf's The Waves at a time when, for some reason, I was doing a lot of washing (three kids under ten). The weather was changeable and that made the washing all the more challenging and time-consuming.  I started to think of the washing as like Virginia's Waves. Momentous and literary. It was probably a kind of madness - as the washing is a long way from The Waves. I was suspended from the thesis at the time, trying to figure out whether or not to finish it. It was a stressful time. I could ahve written an opera about the washing.

Keeping it clean,

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