Sunday, June 9, 2013

Take on Time

More left-overs. Green bean and rice salad from last night's fish, chip and salad dinner. I won't take a photo though, it's not the most photogenic of dishes.

I am thinking about time. About time appreciation and living in the moment, and such...

Someone else's family breakfast
In particular I am very aware that this morning sat around the breakfast table with out lap tops and muffins was a moment in time that will very quickly become the past. Perhaps I write about it to preserve it a while. Perhaps I am for once appreciating the present, if from the perspective of the future. I am imagining myself looking back on this moment from the distant future and it is giving me a better appreciation of the moment.  I want to poem about this take on time - and there's my title...

Take on Time

Looking back to the present
I see a younger woman
A child not as adult as she seemed
A family in the heart of Life

Working, eating, talking
around a table with its own past

The boys dropping down
From lofty upstairs rooms
To remind us: We're here!
And eat us out of house and home.

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