Saturday, June 8, 2013

Light house
C1 sent me this image

Why is a lighthouse usually thicker at the base like a tree? Is it in mimicry of the tree? Or is it simple cost efficiency? The width lower down being essential for kitchen, etc, the bedroom upstairs in case of storm.

Whatever the reason, I'm not complaining, I like it. Looks like a chess piece. A Queen maybe. Less phallic than if straight, yes? Perhaps not. I guess it depends on your perspective (on the phallus); some might see it as a little pointed too.

What is it about a lighthouse that appeals so? The proximity to the water? The isolation? The wild element? The safety element? The distinct (phallic) shape? Probably all of the above and more. The idea of living in a light house whilst writing ones masterpiece is rather appealing I must say. I hope some lucky souls get to do that in some lighthouse on some wild sea some day.

So long as I'm never far from the sea I will survive... The sea has endless appeal.

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