Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Housekeeping VI: Emptying dishwasher

Now I realise this is going to seem - and be - something of a first world problem, but... someone's still got to do it. And if that someone is you - and it is me - you and me will not like it much.

In our house the cutlery runes are polished after every wash, especially the 'good' ones. In our house we have 'good' and 'bad' cutlery, a bit like children, and the 'good' cutlery gets routine special treatment. The 'bad' cutlery is not polished as a mater of course. The 'bad' cutlery might even be picked up out of the dishwasher rack by its head and not be polished at all. Technically this is not entirely disgusting because no one ever eats off the 'bad' cutlery, that's only for cooking. These are some of the bad boys left in the cutlery rack this morning.

A first world problem
The plates come up very well and are reasonably satisfying to gather and sort into their appropriate stacks. The glasses also come up well and fit neatly back into the hole in the glass cabinet that was left by their use. The bits and pieces of things that don't go into any particular hole, and are invariably located miles from the dishwasher are a bit of a pain to sort.

The back must bend a half dozen or so times and, once or twice, stay bent over for some time. My back is beginning to tell me I'm too old for this shit.

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