Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another night

When you get up in the night (it's presently 4.48am), and prowl around the dark house, feeling with your feet and fingers, it's always with mixed feelings. If I fell, I can't help thinking, descending the stairs without the aid of light, no one would have to know. The stairs have two windows between flights but there's very little street-lighting on that side of the house. If I fell and didn't make a terrible crash as I did I might lie here for the rest of the night, slowly but surely dying.

If I turn the toilet light on - the house where everyone goes - the back neighbours will know I'm up, surer than M will inside the house. I'd rather that be my business so I go in the dark. No difference really. Wash hands in a fuzz of night-eyes adjusting to the faint moonlight through the led-light window, one metre high.

Outside sleeps
No wind or birds yet
No neighbour buzz either,
All quiet and still, like a field.

Another night... (Central Park?)
The dark seeps in. Sat at the coffee table writing I am aware of the seeping dark. Beyond the light of the screen all is blurred black, like the black keys that ought, at night, to be white...

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