Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sensible sewing

I could only get to first base with daughter B's sewing machine

Sewing is sensible, isn't it? I have always dismissed sewing just a little on account of its 'sensible' aura. Not all the sewers I know are sensible, but most are.

Removing frayed edges: a big part of sensible sewing

Not that there is anything wrong with sensible. Some of my best friends..., and all that. It's just a limited virtue, like politeness. Plus, not being so sensible myself, I have nothing invested in the virtue.

Anyway, all this condescension towards the skill and craft of sewing has left me up shit creek without a paddle today, as I try to ready Mum's privacy curtain for tomorrow when she arrives from Sydney. I need to sew a tab top for the wrought iron rod (made and bought yesterday in Glendfield along with the fabric, all at the last minute) to thread through in order to hold the otherwise un-sewn curtain up. Curtain-making made easy. All our curtains are tab tops.

I made it this far with the job, pinning the tab top at what I hope will be the right length for the door where it hangs, and getting my daughter's machine light to turn on, but could go no further. I couldn't find an ignition pedal or handle to start the machine. Daughter B is in at uni sitting an Art History exam so cannot be reached on her mobile to tell me how to make the machine go. None of the males in the hosue would even know what a sewing machine is. Daughter B is a competent (sensible) seamstress herself - for her age.

So I'm going to leave the curtain pinned and try and thread the rod through and see if the pins hold. If they hold I'll probably never learn how to work the machine.

Seriously sewing,

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