Friday, June 7, 2013

Left-over lunch

At some point we'll have to come round to the mother of all 'housekeeping' duties: cooking, which I mostly do for our family of five, but for now here is my left-over lunch: Thai chicken with cashew made by my beta half for Thursday night dinner (when I take my dance class). Yum, wholesome and simple, the three best ingredients for a good family dinner.

I think this photo has captured the dish in soft focus on account of the heat. It being mid-June I have naturally heated the dish in the microwave. In reality the dish looks less hotchpotch than this image suggests. Some things are better in soft focus.

But thank you to my beta half for a dish well made, and for the help every Thursday night, even including all the shopping and chopping preparation. Leftovers are a bonus.

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