Monday, June 24, 2013

Magical man-hammer

Magical man-hammer is not mine; I borrowed it from a guy called Chuck Wendig (Terribleminds) because it's clever and catchy and I'm not feeling all that clever and catchy today. Here is Chuck's 'magical man-hammer' comment:

"... this isn’t about playing the hero — we aren’t going to fix it with our magical man-hammers, and women are not our Death Star Princesses to rescue. But we can signal boost. We can support." 

You can find the discussion in full here Why men should speak out about sexism misogyny and rape culture

Please check out Chuck if you want to know, without being TOLD sledgehammer-style, magical or otherwise, why (more) men need to enter the feminist fray. The comments are also well worth checking out. Lucky Chuck seems to have some of the most gender-savvy readers and followers of any blog site I've come across.  He's also a damn good writer.

Cheers Chuck; you are my man-hammer of the moment.

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