Monday, June 10, 2013


It's our daughter's 18th birthday today and that is a big deal for us too!

You've seen the cake. This morning daughter B woke to a slice of that cake with a single candle in it and happy birthday message beside. She leaves so early it wasn't likely I would be up in time to wish her well for the day, so I left a message. The cake, being circular, I could squeeze the broken ends together to re-join, like a worm after a spade.

The  traditional 'birthday couch' until 18
As it went down earlier today I did get up in time and was able to point out the cake mend, which made B feel better. She had been feeling let down by her strange old mum slicing into the birthday cake before time. I think she'd been thinking her birthday cake was ruined on account of keeping the tradition - and probably that I should have gone to greater lengths to get her a sugar-free cup cake. The tradition is with cup cakes not slices so she was understandably a little thrown by the slice. Once I showed her the join in the cut cake she was reassured. It's not so easy to find sugar-free cake.

Happy birthday, darling! We love you more than all the other parents love their kids (:)). Not true: it only feels like it.

xxxx Mum,
(if you read this...)

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