Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tree envy

Morning bloggers. How is everyone today?

Excuse me while I ignore your answers entirely to talk about my day... (I truly hope you are well).

Today, in my world, it is Wednesday morning. Approaching eight-thirty in the am, before the youngest has been awoken and fed and sent off to school (Amend that now: I am alone). The other two: three, if you include M, have already left, all to uni. C and B to AU and M to AUT. Wednesday is the Al's (not his real name) late morning. Al is fourteen and in his second year of high school, not typically the most productive year for boys if stats and teachers are anythings to go by.  The entire student body has Wednesday morning off except for the first years and the teachers. I think they get the school to themselves for an hour.

The breakfast table that doubles as a dinner table and triples as a desk for blogging when my room of my own gets a bit claustrophobic, is currently sporting a large canister of cornflakes with white compression lid. It's the size of a coffee maker. The flakes inside like trapped insects, nonetheless look like autumn leaves.

Another square cannister with a yellow lid contains Wet-Bix. A third, just beyond the lap-top lid I have to sit up in my seat to see it, is green-lidded and tragically empty of the muesli that it held only moments earlier - when I had my breakfast. When M does the shopping certain things tend to get - well - muesli'd. They get muesli'd, you might say (overlooked).

Al will probably have cornflakes anyway, plus a pear from the jar in the juice on the table. Pears are compulsory.

The pears in a jar are... next to the autumn leaves, sweating on which one is shortly to be snatched away, never to be seen or heard of again.

I think I might be OBSESSED WITH AUTUMN this year. I can't stop taking photos. I'm positively possessed by our very own Liquid Amber. I have taken endless photos of it. Hang on, I'll put a couple up - quicker than the internet...
Another thousand...

The other day I found myself experiencing tree envy for the first time. Last Sunday out walking with M, we came upon a grove of explosive Liquid Ambers, indisputably grander and more altogether amber than mine!

Tree envy it was, I'm sure of it. These trees are better than my trees, I said to myself, and shrunk some.

I hurried home and took some furious photos of MY Liquid Amber. Herein a few of my favourites.

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