Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Megan's Meditation

Now... a different kind of music...

Meditation, the song in strings that conjures so much of my dancing past. The song that brings immediately and vividly to mind a girl called Megan, my rival for top dance dog at our ballet school - to dramatise the situation ever so slightly.

Whenever the piece comes over the airwaves I am transported back to watching Megan with the Snow White looks and long skinny arm,s in her immaculate mauve tutu, dance one of the most beautiful classical variations you will ever see danced. Whenever and wherever she performed it she won.

Megan's Meditation was lyrical to my 'Spanish' (red and black tutu) fast staccato variation with lots of spins and sautees. Meditation was all extensions and arabesques and bendy back. Megan had a fascinating arabesque line. Almost perfect. Almost is better than perfect. Perfect is predictable. Better an arabesque with interest. Megan had an arabesque with interest.


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