Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Plunger plunge!

This tip to put gentle, steady pressure on the plunger by placing something of a certain size and weight atop the plunger handle - such as a coffee cup with small bottom and an inch of milk or other liquid inside for ballast, was given to M by an Iranian man. Coffee is originally a Middle-Eastern custom and recipe, yes?

The coffee is smoother using this method, plus you are even more ready for the bitter drop (no sugar) having endured watching the slow-plunge session.

Needless to say (so don't say it!) the coffee plunger  and cup set is mine! I will have finished this plunger before eleven. Start now at 9.30, a little later than usual.

The table cloth that you see here showing up the coffee plunger was a wedding present. Yes, I'm - we're - married. Have been forever. I was married at twenty-one. 

The chair is ex-M's father's board room, only reupholstered by Mum and me. The table with the green legs comes all the way from Wellington, and the cup-plunger was inherited in a set. Much of the house beyond the plunger was renovated recently to take out walls and let in light. We (mostly M) did ALL the painting, including doors. 

This is the dining 'room' (only one wall).


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