Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day, 2013

Mumma cat peed
on a rain-cleared dawn
I slept with Edith Piaf
and W.D Auden

The bed blanket old 
bore the brunt well
Wet washing dried
to a French-bread smell
Characteristic cards, reflecting three very different,
equally cool kids

Three kids awoke
no longer young.
Twenty times spoke,
Happy Mothers' Day Mum

Cards for the laughs
and the heart felt prose
With thanks and hopes
for the fingers and toes

Poetry, politics,
photographs too
A world in a book,
a box chocolate to chew

An African violet
to brighten the loo
On the day that remembers
shines bluer than blue             

We walk in the sun
climb the hills and the troughs
Our family of five,
timeless trove, nothing lost

Give thanks to this world
it knows what to do
Makes a mother of me
and a sweet child of you

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