Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happiness is a warm cake tin...

Now is a good time to mention my predilection for cake. I could say predilection for food but that would be corny; everybody has a predilection for food.

So cake it is. Let them eat cake! I'm afraid I still see that as a call to action - and I eat - CAKE. Cake symbolises weekend abandon; the pleasure principal writ large. Passion and power, even. The power to eat cake.

I feel a poem coming on...

The power of cake

For once the words cannot match, the beauty of a full-baked 
       An assault on all the pleasure 
Smell, touch, taste and - the piece de resistance  


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  1. How very sad, I am posting the first response to my own blog. I think there is some confusion out there as to how to comment. It is not difficult. Just press 'comment'. Go to the poem or prose piece you like, enter that, then make a 'comment'. I will respond. Thank you.