Friday, May 24, 2013

Only women clean... (and beta men) Housekeeping II: Vacuuming

Bloggers at large

It is time I made mention of my beta half's considerable capacity for cleaning, especially vacuuming...

It has come to my attention that I might have given the wrong impression in a recent blog post that I am saddled with the entire domestic cleaning load in our household, due to the fact that I am a woman. Wrong! That impression is wrong entirely.

Just because all women clean
Except, perhaps, for the queen

... doesn't mean...
that some men don't.
Some men do -  and
my man is one of them.

My man is a powerful and prodigious (?) cleaner, especially with the vacuum - which seems to be the cleaner-aid of choice for the men, probably due to its bulk. Weekend clothes washing is, in substantial part, his doing and domain, as well as the every-night wash up of the bulky stuff while I stack the dishwasher - an easier task.

He empties and refreshes all the bins (in a household of five), and prepares a cooked breakfast on Saturdays - and dinner if we're not out or entertaining. Since I started teaching my dance class he has begun making a chicken curry for dinner. The kids love it.

He routinely helps with chopping. Chopping and chatting in preparation for the evening meal. There's not much more to the preparation of some meals than chopping, chop and stir, so it's all a great help.

He often takes over Wednesday night's mince, and he supermarket shops at least twice a week. So often, in fact, that other wives make mention of seeing him there as if it were a  noteworthy (and a little unseemly) fact when men to shopped a little too often.

I don't employ a cleaner and never have. Seems like paying another woman to do my dirty work. Better to get the guys on board - and on the floor, I say. A lot of domestic work is done on hands and knees on the floor dealing with shit piss mould old skin and hair. Women should not be primarily responsible for that sort of dirty work, least of all in the employ of men.

Meanwhile, my hands are still rough and dry from yesterday's Jif.



  1. Yes, guys like to vacuum – something to do with the before and after effect.

  2. Well all cleaning has a before and after. I think it's the bulk of the machine itself that attracts men to vacuuming. I could be wroooo...

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