Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beautiful Bonnie

I have a vested interest in and soft spot for Bonnie Tyler, I must say. Not least of all because of her awesome-as song: "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

Also, our daughter is Bonnie, though she mostly goes by Bon. But 'Total Eclipse' defined my nineteen-eighties melancholic mood, particularly in London. I would bet the year was '83, '84 or '85.

Tyler in her prime: 1983

But now she's pushed her luck a bit by representing England in the much fucked-up-by-the-English Euro-vision song competition (pouring like a sky river again here) and coming in a not-so-impressive nineteenth.

I don't know how many European countries enter but 19 is not even close to the top. She sung her Eurovision song on Graham Norton the week before last and she was good. Not great, though.

Hopefully she at least made a bit of money, provided her earnings weren't dependant upon doing well. Getting in the top ten, for instance.

But awesome singer in her day and awesome guts to keep it coming back.

Go girl!

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