Friday, May 31, 2013

Migrating minds

I am none too thrilled at the moment. In fact I am in a right panic over a lost script. I wrote it on a pad, a rookie's mistake if ever there was. Pads migrate. But it was a medium-sized pad and usually kept by the phone in the kitchen, a pad of a certain stature and substance. I did not expect it to travel. I've looked everywhere, even the car!

I'm ready to write it up, keen to see how it develops into a children's story. I haven't written a children's story in a long time. It wrote itself. Perhaps it disappeared itself too. Arrrgh! Nothing worse than a missing story already written! Like having the thing on the tip of the tongue to taste but not to eat. Arrrgh!

FOUND IT! Just now in my bag. A pad that had closed to look more like a book than the pad I remember from the kitchen. Oh well, all's well.
Christian the Cat found!

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