Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Housekeeping III: Bed-making

One stage in the six-stage process of bed-making -
for the winter.

Hello bloggers and fellow housekeepers!

I wonder if this sequence of pictures rings true for you? Having three kids I change sheets and blankets maybe three times every two months, so in a year it's six times three which is eighteen. And it's a six-step process, including washing the dirty sheets, so that makes 18 times 6 and that equals 108 stages of single bed-making every year.

Plus there's our bed, of course, though we tend to share the load of washing that a bit more than with the kids' beds. I do almost all of the kids' while M works full-time.

Then there's the bathrooms (3), the living areas (2) the Master bedroom, kitchen ,laundry; the polished wooden floor and the out of doors. It all adds up.

With the rain the washing hangs in the garage disturbing the table-tennis game. Hang on a mo - speaking of hanging - just got to go and hang up B's summer sheets.
Example of the often uneasy relationship between sport and housekeeping

6-stage bed-making:

1: Remove dirty sheets and underlay
2: Wash dirty sheets and underlay
3: Find fresh sheets and underlay
4: Dry old sheets and underlay
5: Put fresh sheets,etc on bed
6: Fold away old sheets

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