Thursday, May 30, 2013

First fire

Housekeeping IV: Fire-making (seasonal)

Easy to see where dance comes from
Italian-tiled first fire!

Be careful what you wish for. It's one of the better clich├ęs.

Perhaps on account of my US nostalgia, I have been wishing for winter. It's still May. Autumn - and it came. Sorry people. But it was winter when we were in the US and I miss it. Then again, I love our first fire! First fire of the year it was, the night before last. We had another fire last night. 

Suddenly it's freezing! as if a decision to freeze had been made in some well-insulated ante-chamber. Suddenly the temperature is in single digits from a balmy 16. Chicago all over. 

I would have posted immediately but I temporarily misplaced the camera, then I couldn't get the camera, once found, to import the fire photos - fair enough. Dangerous thing, fire. Then it worked.

Yesterday I resorted to a beanie and gloves inside. I couldn't type in gloves so I had the afternoon off the log in a bog, or took the gloves off, which I did after about ten minutes because I can't actually stop writing. I would have taken a photo of myself in the beanie - of course - for the blog, but then decided I didn't want you guys to see me in my beanie. 

Back in the wool today, less gloves, and I want to say that a beanie and Mum's red possum jumper make a very snug study. Mum's red possum jumper, the colour of fire, finished in a rush for the US trip late last year. Possum wool, the latest enviro product. Very soft. I would take a picture...


  1. Our walk in Mount Royal Park was the coldest I've ever been. I think we were the only ones there – the park to ourselves on that blue and white day. Ah, yes, nostalgia… subterranean NY arrival -coming up onto 8th Avenue… more, please.

  2. Yes more of that. I remember on that first NYC street a guy with a placard begging to the tune of he only smokes weed otherwise. He looked like he lived on weed too. That is my first NYC memory. I like yours too.