Friday, May 24, 2013

A little strange

It's a little strange to be back discussing Marx...

This copy of his 'Selected writings' is mine from 1993, the year C1 was born. Marx and baby, that was my life.                                

Sorry, I am unable to pivot this picture to stand it up the right way. You'll just have to imagine it the right way up.

Daughter B is busy writing an essay for Politics on Marx and class antagonism. Really, the whole story of Marx. This book is for her. We were reading it together over fried eggs the other morning. She is becoming something of an expert. I might have once described myself thus. Not any more. I've forgotten all the nuances of his politics and theories. And when it comes to praxis, it's all in the nuance. Think of democracy. General public elections and equal voting rights are the very bare minimum for a functioning democracy, and yet that is all it takes in theory. In practice, democracy is a much more complicated thing. Even if the vote isn't rigged there are many ways to rig the gig of politics. Many.
Second-hand at least in 1993,
third hand at least in 2013

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