Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mobile Monday

I'm betting you have done as I have and carried a call into the loo. It's a nerve-wracking experience, in a way, because it seems like the person on the other end of the phone can hear eve-ry-thing that's going on, even though you know they can't. Except for the flush, they can hear that provided it's a decent flush - so that's always the most nail-biting bit in case they choose that moment to stop talking and leave the airwaves to the flush and you blow it at the last minute...

I like the bathroom. Evokes Auden (again!) in his white-tiled room.
I wonder what would Auden say?
Churned water log mid downpour

I did it to Air New Zealand earlier today. I'm booking tickets to Aus for my mum's 90th birthday (she had all her children in her forties, so we three children are all in our forties now!). I want my Air-points number from ANZ in case I can accumulate some points while I fly.  But they put me on hold until I simply had to go to the toilet..

I don't think they heard anything because the recorded music continued through the loo, out the loo and to the computer where I put the phone down on its back like an upturned centipede and waited for a change in voice tempo. Sure enough, a male voice eventually broke through the music and I picked up the centipede.

It's actually hailing here! I am on the phone to another agency (I won't bore you) so I can't take a photo of the hail. This is the path moments after the hail has been and gone. Bit of a water-log too, but only in heavy downpours. Regular rain runs off.

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