Thursday, May 30, 2013

Four dancers

If I'd known that Anne (not her real name) from dance class has just escaped a 38-year abusive relationship and lives in fear for her life in the house that he stalks at night I would have, I don't know what. She told me at length the situation. I rang to tell her about the free class, she wasn't sure if she was going to be brave enough to stay in the house tonight (let alone attend class).
She has several good friends at the end of the line to come get her right away if there's any trouble.  I hope she is alright. She sounded scared. Scared and yet strong.

My dance class regulars are down to four, from six. I usually have a few more than that in class but only four are there every week. One regular is in England with ailing relatives. She made five. Another comes to class to escape the memory of her daughter killed in a freak accident in London last October. Class helps her forget and come to terms with death, she consoles herself that her daughter was at least thirty. But no children.

Another of the women, once a regular, is a Methodist minister, a relatively rare creature. She brings her daughter occasionally.

Another is visiting from Finland for a year. She is gorgeous.

Another is related to the local woman police constable. And yet another...

Another one of my regulars is coming back to class tonight after two weeks missed (she made six regulars). I called to tell her about the free class and she confessed that she had decided not to come any more because she's not keeping up. I convinced her it was nothing of the sort. She seemed reassured and said she had missed the class and would come even if she had to pay. She is going to bring a friend from work.

I love my regulars

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