Friday, May 31, 2013

Housekeeping V: Shower cleaning

Kids' shower already bleached.
It might be me, but can anyone else see a map of Australia in the Jif?
Don't look too closely

Shower cleaning. With five adults in our household we have, and mostly need, three showers. However rarely are any more than two going at any one time, but two often are. It's a lot of cleaning.

This is the kids' shower. The idiot who chose such small tiles with such thick grouting ought to be shot (me). Two deadly sins in one cubic metre. Should be big tiles and thin grouting. It's a no-brainer. But I wanted the effect of the thick, regular lines. So I guess it is apt that I clean it.

Six-seven-step shower cleaning:

1. Discovery and decision to clean
2. Bleach sprayed on lower half
3. Bleach washed off with hot water
4. Jif applied to every surface including soap dish with a little water
5. Jif scrubbed into the mouldy bits to eradicate
6. Jif washed off with hot water
7. Self washed

All up, one-and-a-half hours of fairly heavy-duty scrubbing. 

I thought this was the only picture of a man cleaning a shower amongst
dozens of women. Alas even he is not cleaning but installing! Grrr...

I love the way the shower gets priority over washing my own cubicle (me old bod). I wish the shower were self-washing, like cats.  

I think my Jifing today produced a subconscious surge of Australia. I drew outlines of that distinctively-shaped land throughout my childhood. I used to love to shade the curvy coastline in deep blue (sea), and the bulk of the country, the flesh, in pale-brown shade (desert).

Missing home? Say it in Jif - if, that is, you're a girl.


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  1. On second thoughts the shower cleaner guy is not cleaning the shower! He's installing it! So no pictures of men cleaning showers on Google? Come on!