Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Finder's Fee

I am writing a short story about my problems with the education agency I'm currently employed with, and supposed to be working in early-childcare for. Indeed, we are supposed to be working for each other. But that all erupted in a shit-hitting-fan way yesterday...

Brief synopsis: Last week Reece Education found me a brilliant local centre that liked my style, invited me back, and everybody was happy. In the process of finding me work, I did not realise the extent to which Reece was finding me.

Now the centre wants to take me on as a permanent part-time 'teacher' (care-giver), but the agency won't release me for less than a king's ransom finder's fee, or life-long commission. Yesterday I burnt my bridges with the agency, balling out my boss and his boss about this fee/commission and the fact that I wasn't told the extent of it. They say the fee is between them and each centre, and none of my business. I say it's my business if it affects my future employability, and it definitely affects me if my labour is tied to Reece forever more. The story says it in bumpy prose. Here's a quick-fire poetic version:

Finder's Fee

The ad said: welcome weary travellers
Have we got a deal for you
Sign up for next to nothing
We'll find education work, that's true

Weeks, barely months later
I'm signed up for a life without parole
Reece owns 50% of my labour
From now till the reaper reaps his troll-take toll

Hook, line and sinker
Into the trap I strode
Confidence borne of experience
Passed the fine-print code

Now Reece is raging riot
You're not to take that tone with me!
While I'm hanging tight
I am not the snake in this scenario.
Looking for what's right -
And for the finder's fee.

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