Saturday, April 13, 2013

Yesterday, today seemed so far away...

Yesterday I was so pleased with myself I created a new word: "meeks" (plural noun). I liked it so much I put it in the title of my post. You have to read the post to understand what I meant by "meeks", though I wouldn't blame you if you didn't (read it, or understand).

Yesterday I thought meeks was kind of cool and clever, though the grammar check vehemently disagreed. Today I'm not so sure. Today it looks like a terrible typo likely to turn internet travellers away; should any ever venture into my world, which seems rather less likely today.

Now the American grammar check disapproves of my "travellers" double L - oh well, it's hard to please all the people...  

So much - maybe too much - can happen in a day. Clever can become corn, or cheese, or plain old crap, overnight. In a single day you can be reminded (by the first child you ever carried inside you) that you are an internet idiot and not a mighty meek at all.

Be careful what you wish for... and be cool about what you get
This, coming from the boy now grown to look, and sometimes act, like a man can stretch painfully thin all that thick skin protecting the raw flesh of self-doubt that hides on the underside of a fledgling writers' armoury - never mind a mother's armoury, wearing her womb on her wrist...

Yesterday I was a mighty meek, the world at my fingertips, the womb tucked away - neat. Today I am simply meek, exposed, womby and weak... (Oh dear, I seem to have made up another disagreeable word).

But wait! He coughs in the other room, as he once kicked from inside the womb, and I am reassured now, as I was then - though I do wish he'd get off the BLOODY COMPUTER and have that cough checked...

Signing off for another day, hoping you might come my way.


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