Monday, April 15, 2013

Never mind me (poem)

Oh, wonderful, wonderful rain!

Delicate drips from
Thin fingertips
A cabbage palm slips -

Giving back,
Trickling down
To the good ground
That feeds it.

Tiny tears of joy gleam
On the parched windows,
Crying out for a clean.

Even the wires overhead
Glitter gladly fed, with
Beaded pearls of power

After months and months on -

Its best blue behaviour

The good grey sky
Is allowed - at last -
To cry.

Exhausted from the all-day glamour,
The all-night sparkle,

The pre-menstrual

Never mind me,
My feeling free
Is nothing on the farmers'


  1. Here Comes the Rain… beautiful.

    1. Thanks D. My next post is not quite so... beautiful :)