Sunday, April 28, 2013


I want to write write write write write write write -
Like breathing, or running, or punching a bag
Until there's nothing left to come out

I want to kiss kiss kiss kiss, 
Breaking all the records of Guiness
To hold onto a hug till there's nothing left in it

Not even the memory of memory

I want to be younger and younger and younger and younger
Til I'm the oldest child on the planet
To fly through the sky, straining with speed
So that even the bullets can't beat me

I want to know when to stop and stand still as a rock
A door stood ajar forever
In a darkened room removed from the moon
So far from the light to see in it

I want to start again and again and again and again
Until to begin no longer means to begin
I want to remember this wanting before the wind changes

From forever to hardly to never

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