Friday, April 19, 2013

A dog-shit day poem (no offence to dogs)

A dog knows not what it does
When it do-dos on my shoe
When it chooses my path to let off
And the rain makes mince-meat goo

Yesterday was a dog-shit day,
And the day before that was too
That will teach me, you would think
To tread more carefully through.

But it's my right to rush and ramble
Without the need to look
At every turn, with every step
What lurks underfoot.

It's my garden path you see
And I don't believe in walls
To lock you out and close me in
Makes prisoners of us all.

So to those doggy people now
I would like to gently say
If you let your canine off the leash
Be watchful where he stray.

Otherwise walls will up
Police and laws will come
To make a crook of you and he
To spoil and soil the fun.

For all the trouble of some care
To watch out for your friend
To keep your canine close or else
Dog-shit days - and dogs - might end.

The End
Have a nice-dog day.


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