Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Plumbers don't get plumbers' block"

Long live plumbers' block!  

Oh but they do! Plumbing's all about blockages...

But the point is not a bad one. If others don't get 'blockages' in their work, then why o why do writers get to make excuses for non-productivity of the 'blockage' sort?

Writers' block is not a thing, so say the authors of a writers' blog post I read this morning. And even if it is real, better not to believe in it or it becomes kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy, a bit like the reverse logic applied to god.

As one of these authors rejoices in the name of "Hiscock" - I kid you not - I can imagine that for her at least, motivation to do anything is not much of a problem. If I had a name like that, and not a name so ordinary (Jones) that it might as well be Ordinary, then I'd be brandishing my pen about like the proverbial burst dam. Writers' block would NOT be a problem for this Hiscock.

Still, with my ordinary-as name, I don't go in for writers' block much. Writers' agony over deciding which of two painfully similar words works best, yes, but block, no. There's a difference.

Man it's raining here like someone left all the taps on upstairs...

There's flooding further south,
After such a long and whiny drought.

Might have to call the plumber...

Writers' block
Water water everywhere, but... 


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