Friday, April 26, 2013

Fighting for the Moon

A positive post today...

Yesterday, here in New Zealand, as in Australia, was ANZAC day, the day both countries stop work to commemorate the 1915 bloody battle of Gallipoli in which Australian and New Zealand soldiers fought side by side, with many of them wounded or killed.

Generally speaking I am not inclined to make more of war than absolutely necessary, which these kinds of commemorations often seem to me to do. But as an Australian living in New Zealand I kind of feel a special  attachment to this particular war commemoration day, especially since our two countries seem increasingly inclined towards a reciprocal, and not so lighthearted animosity.

Anyway. That's just to mention the day, and to express the hope that for the centenary of the bloody battle to come, in just two years time (2015), our two countries might make more of an effort between now and then to get on, and get past our somewhat silly squabbles - especially in sport!

To mark the day here, our family did nothing sporting or warring at all, quite the contrary, in fact. We went  in the evening to see an inspiring documentary about ballet, of all things (First Position). The last film we saw as a family was The Hobbit, so this went some way towards a gender balancing of sorts, although two of the six dancers featured in the study were boys, and remarkable boys at that. The film was really about the passion to pursue your dreams, and the cultural evolution of a traditionally elite, and quintessentially 'white' art form. I recommend it strongly.

Leaving the cinema, we were met by a full moon in a black sky. The white disk, so crisp-edged and high resolution, looked more two-dimensional than three, which made the sight all the more remarkable. I don't know why, but the beauty and the clarity of this image, so timeless and yet extraordinary, brought the corny thought to mind that it is beauty in its deepest and truest sense, and the freedom to appreciate it that we are ultimately fighting for. Last night's moon seemed to know this.

I hope we can carry on the fight in the future - without weapons. Fighting for the moon...


  1. A happy coincidence. Because this blog records posts in LA time, this post actually appears to be published on the 25th of April, ANZAC day Down Under.

  2. Yes, the moon looked particularly brilliant last night - something more for the Aussies and Kiwis to share.
    Even more to share - Debussy’s moonlight inspiration: Claire de lune