Saturday, April 20, 2013

A T-shirt day

Saturday is a T-shirt kind of day. All days should, perhaps, be T-shirt days, but Saturday makes the best T-shirt day, IMO. And clearly the person who had this T-shirt made up (it wasn't me) felt the same. Celebrate Saturdays in style casual, I say.

I have really bendy thumbs (and no head)
From the moment you wake up at 5:45 to let the cat out the bathroom window for a poo, to the moment you fall asleep with a tranquilizer some eighteen and a half hours later, Saturday is a mode casual, T-shirt kind of day. Anything goes, so long as it's casual.

This Saturday I did disturb the casual vibe a bit by cleaning the kids' bathroom after discovering it, in a WTF! moment: brown and orange and pink and black and green all over, and not blue and white as god intended. It only took an hour. I wore my Saturday T-shirt. I felt casual.

Husband M did put the washing out seconds before it rained so hard it was like a lake turned upside-down, and the internet did mysteriously go down - and not in a good way - for the rest of the day, but hey! Because it's Saturday, we're keeping calm and casual about it. Wearing our T-shirts and pressing on.

Being up so early I did end up drinking twice the recommended daily intake of coffee before ten o'lock in the morning, but on Saturday that's okay.

The nineteen-year-old does STILL have his irritating cough in the next room that's worse than a dripping tap with anxiety issues, but that's okay too, because it's Saturday. On Saturday the doctors are closed so even if he did want to get off his long-suffering computer chair that no longer has oomph enough to swivel (and who can blame it!) and go to the doctors to get himself checked out, he wouldn't be able to, so that makes it much less annoying for me.

Family breakfast - ah! Now there's something. This morning we ended up talking about swearing. Each of us picked our favourite swear word then we got the kids to use theirs in a sentence.They did very well. Then we shared favourite swearing moments. Effing (with two effs) on the Scrabble board from the five-year-old in a game with Nana, was a highlight. He'd forgotten all about it. Repressed memory. We reminded him. It's important for kids to know where they've come from, even on Saturdays. Especially on Saturdays.

Cat crap at dawn, kid grime mid-morn, wet washing on the lawn, repressed memories reborn, internet scorn and coughs that go on and on and on, over eggs and bagels all gone - in a T-shirt soon to be torn! That's Saturday. Seriously.

Keeping it cool and casual,

Sacha on Saturday
(Written from the future on Saturday at 11:10pm)

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