Monday, April 22, 2013

Ode to Love in Law

A homosexual rabbit

Hello bloggers

Of late I don't seem to be able to stop myself from writing poetry, and rhyming couplets at that. But there's no accounting for some people's tastes, which no doubt goes double for bloggers.

So here is my latest rhyming rant dedicated to the legalization of same-sex marriage passed in the New Zealand parliament last week.

Ode to Love in Law

From left of centre field did come, an Opposition challenge
Bravely drawn from ballot hat, a homosexual rabbit.

A multi-coloured mega cause of same-sex rights to marriage
A real life rainbow pot of gold, tickets to Cinderella's carriage.

Between a man and a woman once, we pronounced them Man and Wife
Then followed timeless bloody battles of ball and chain and strife.

The Family Court of friction fought, till death do us part
Even if he killed her dead, the vows maintained the farce.

The white-gowned virgin walked, up to her diamonds in debt
Down the aisle so urgent, trailing whispers of regret.

Then 77 in favour, and 44 agin
The rabbits joined the rat race,
Now let the true magic begin!

Equal rights don't need a veil to seal the deal of love
To say those simple words I do without the fatal rub,

I do believe in marriage,
I do believe in love
But equal rights to love in law,
Now that's a magic dove.


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