Saturday, December 3, 2016

Crash Conditions

So we bought a car (it was not green)

So we crashed a car four days later (the same car, still not green)

So we rented a car two days after that (it was not green)

So... we were issued with and did
not read these terms of conditions (that are a little bit green) because not having bionic eyes we could not read these terms and conditions that told us, in the finest print ever produced and reduced for purposes of never being read, what we were liable for if we crashed that car too, all the more likely because it was not green, possibly.

I can't be sure as I haven't read the terms and conditions and know nothing about green cars or any other colour car, in point of fact. But green is supposed to be the most relaxing colour. Really? Really.

But we bought a red car (the opposite of green), thinking we were already sufficiently relaxed and that because red is the colour of STOP it must be the safest colour (wrong), and because we didn't buy new so didn't have the luxury of choice. Otherwise we would definitely have bought green (possibly).

The good news is, no one was hurt in the crash and we still have our physical health.

The bad news is it wasn't our fault (my husband was driving) which, although cheaper in not invoking the insurance excess, means that as far as preventing another accident of the sort goes we are, to put it politely, fucked. The best we can do is not drive the rental car at all, though as the accident occurred while my husband was stopped at the lights (his story) and so not actually moving, even this might not be enough to prevent an accident to our rental car. You could also argue that there is no point in renting a car that you don't drive.

Meanwhile, we're paying insurance premiums on a car that's stuck at the panelbeaters with a badly broken bum that won't close no matter how hard I kick it, waiting in a pre-Christmas queue to be made secure and sufficiently road worthy to justify those premiums, hopefully before Christmas, but there are no guarantees.

Otherwise fine? NO. My mother is about to arrive from Australia, and she advised us to buy a totally different car...

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